Rajshahi Cadet College Hospital is named Birsrestha Nur Mohammad Hospital. It is an 18 bed-hospital with the facility of isolation rooms surrounded and shaded by mother nature. Alongside the supervision of the Principal, it is run and administered by one Medical Officer. He is ranked Captain or Major deputed from Bangladesh Army Medical Corps. One Medical Assistant, one Lab Technician, one Matron and two Attendants support him to facilitate the service of the hospital. All kinds of primary and emergency treatment are provided here. Cadets get both indoor and outdoor treatment facility. Moreover, faculty members and staffs including their families get treatment here. On emergency both faculty members including their families and cadets are sent to Combined Military Hospital (CMH) referred by the Medical Officer.   

College Library

College Library is named Birshrestha Munshi Abdur Rouf Library. Library is supervised by an Officer-in-Charge (OIC) assigned from the senior faculty members. One Librarian, one Assistant Librarian and one Book Binder are there to preserve and conduct the library. Automation system is ensured for issuing the books. Books are bought every year with the money from budget as per the demand and choice of the cadets and faculty members. The purpose of any library is to acquaint the learners with the world of knowledge. To serve this purpose more than 20000 books including text books enrich the library. Books are categorized into 32 sections and sub-sections such as Bengali Literature, English Literatur,  Physics, Chemisty. Mathematic,  History, Journal and so on. To keep the cadets updated library manages to buy periodicals such as national and international journals, current affairs and magazines.Moreover, cadets get the browsing facility in their scheduled time here.


To promote co-curricular activities, stage competition plays the essential role. With this purpose, Rajshahi Cadet College  built an eye catching auditorium named Birsrestha Mostofa Kamal Auditorium. It bears the testimony of modern  architactural magnificenc. 400 plus audience can easily be accommodated here. It is well equipped with modern sound system, lighting, projector and air condition. All kinds of College Stage competitions are performed here. Moreover, Principal's Assembly, Darbar and any urgent or occassional meeting such as national programs are held in this auditorium. 


Canteen and Snacks Corner has given an ornamental look to the beauty of Rajshahi Cadet College. The architectural view  i.e. the cottage shaped canteen with a circular shade faces a pretty ground and some Park Benches.  Ensuring the quality of the products, canteen keeps dry food items, cold drinks, icecreams and other everyday necessary items. In addition, cadets can avail any urgent stationary items. Cadets go to the canteen just before Magrib Prayer and buy the mentioned items in exchange of coupons. It is mentionable that cadets can't keep money with themselve. Rather they can avail coupons in limited numbers in exchange of money from the Accounts Section of the college.