Inter Cadet College Competitions (Field Events)


Name of the Competition Year of Competition Result of RCC
01. Inter Cadet College Cricket Competition 2019 3rd
02. Inter Cadet College Football Competition 2017 5th
03. Inter Cadet College Volleyball Competition 2015 1st
04. Inter Cadet College Basketball Competition 2015 3rd
05. Inter Cadet College Ragby Competition 2014 4th
06. Inter Cadet College Athletics Competition 2012 1st
07. Inter Cadet College Football Competition 2011 1st
08. Inter Cadet College Cricket Competition 2010 1st


Games and soprts develop not only the physical health  but also ensure the sound growth of mental health. To serve this purpose of all-round healthy growth of the cadets good number of games and sports have been included as the form of competition among the Houses in Cadet Colleges.

The types of games and sports include football, cricket, hocke,  basketball , volleyball, ragby and so on. By regular participation in games in the afternoon  and frequent practice and participation in the competition of games and sports boost up the strength and improve the stamina of the cadets.


Indoor games help us to practise essential cognitive skills and enhance the parts of brain responsible for complex thought and memory formation. Creative indoor games help the brain retain and build cognitive associations well.

As Indoor games have multidimensional benefits, cadet colleges offer good opportunity for the cadets to practise and take part in various types of indoor games apart from a good number of field events. The indoor games categories in cadet colleges include carom, table tennis, chase, pool, squash and so on. Cadets take part in all these games in the form of Inter House Competition once in a year. 

Cadets have regular opportunity to practise indoor games in their House Common room everyday during the free time. 

Thus, the open ended variety of games and sports opportunity  pave the way to the sound physical boost up and mental groom up for the cadets in Cadet Colleges.




Cadets take part in various types of stage competitions i.e. Inter House Debate (Both Bangla and English) Competition, Inter House Poetry Recitation Competition (Both Bangla anf English), Inter House Extempore Speech Competition, Inter House Quiz Competition,  Inter House Current Affairs Display, Intet House Cultural Show & Competition, Intet House Azan & Qirat Competition etc.

By arranging all the above mentioned competitions the intellectual faculty of the cadets are targeted to enrich with optimum use of their talent and wisdom. Undoubtedly, these competitions are very much worthy and too much competitive to the cadets as the winning points are added to their respective Houses at the end of the year to declare the House Championship in College Stage Competition (CSC) . This  result of CSC greatly affects the overall Championship of a House at the end of the year.


Music is also emphasized here in cadet colleges to enhance the melodious  experties of the cadets, which reflects the most ornamental skill as well as the aristocratic cultural taste and interest of the cadets.

Music is included as House competition and so, cadets rehearse  with fullest devotion and compete with their utmost dedication to snatch away the laurel of House Championship in this very competition. Thus, throughout the 'battle of talent in music' in this competition, the whole show becomes very much enjoyable to the audience .   



Literary competitions include debating, poetry reciting, extempore speech and so on which develop the necessary ormanental skills of education of the cadets. Though the academic flourishment is the prime concern of this educational institution, the co-curricular and extra-curricular competitions are also highly focused  here to ensure the holistic development of the cadets.   

In fine, all these co-curricular competitions are brought to a widespread dimension of importance by arranging the Inter Cadet College Literary & Music Meet (ICCLMM) every other two years in any of the host  Cadet College selected by the Army Head Quarters, Bangladesh.


Inter Cadet College Literary & Music Meet (ICCLMM)
Year of the Competition Respective Result (Literary & Music Part) of RCC Overall Position of RCC

Literary part     : 7th

            Music    : 3rd


Literary part     : 5th

            Music    : 7th


Literary part     : 7th

            Music    : 5th


Literary part     : 11th

            Music    : 12th


Literary part     : 12th

            Music    : 11th