Academy Building

Birshestha Jahangir Bhaban is the mono-domed two storied academic building. It bears the sign of Modern Islamic Architectur. Getting established in 1960s it is still the symbol of strength and beauty. Surrounded by a botanical garden, it faces a huge circular garden. Whole academic building is just placed in the lap of natural beauty.  In the heart of the building there are 12 form (Section)  classes, one Vice Principal's room, four subjective labs i.e. Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab, Biology Lab and IT Lab, one Central Lecture Hall, two galleries, one Staff Lounge, three water points and four wash-room blocks. Auditorium is attached with the building. To promote multimidea lectures, class rooms are equipped with computer, projector and white board. Each and every class room is arranged with 25 cadets' desks, one visitor's desk, one elevated space for the teacher. Class rooms are well ventilated and surrounded by wide corridor in both sides. Labs are enriched with all necessary instruments. Besides, three houses are linked with the academic building with a long shade. Moreover, College Library and College Museum are attached with in the boundary of  academic building. It is mentionable that 12 form classes are used for Evening and Night Prepareation besides being used as class rooms in day time. In a nutshell, College Acadrmic Building is in the heart of the college. 

About Houses

As the Cadet Colleges are residential institutions, Houses (Halls) are intregal parts of them. They play a vital role in the process of the students' becoming cadets. Each and every house can accommodate 100 cadets. One Associate Professor is assigned as the House Master. Around 10 House Tutors are attached to the house to supervise the cadets' study, practice and rehearsal for different College Stage Competitions, discipline, health and hygiene and House Administration. As the cadets are intended to lead the country through military and civil services, fostering their leadership quality is essential in the houses. In this respect House Administration is concerned greatly. This administration is run by the House Master, concerened House Tutors along with the cadets of the respective houses who are nominated by the college basing on some criteria. It consists of some Prefects (e.g. one House Prefect, one Assistant House Prefect, one House Games Prefect, One House Cultural Prefect and two Junior House Prefects). However, Rajshahi Cadet College has three houses for the cadets' residence. Houses provide several facilities besides being mere residence, i.e. library, newspaper, TV, indoor games facilities and so on. Each and every room of the houses has got one room leader from the senior classes to ensure the discipline of the rooms. Moreover, to ensure the general discipline and hygiene of the housess and their rooms, Monthly Principal's House Inspection and Fortnightly House Master's Inspection are held.


Tariq House

House Name  : Tariq House

House Master : Md Kayser Alam, Associate Professor, Department of English

Colour            :  Red

Motto              : Truth is Beauty

Symbol           : Royal Bengal Tiger

Tariq House is one of the three houses of Rajshahi Cadet College college. It is named after Tariq bin Ziyad, a Umayyad commander who initiated the Muslim conquest in Spain. His unprecedented art of war, excellent organizing skill, outstanding brilliance, determination and virility are the ideals of the cadets of this house. Their promise is to acquire and practise these ideals. Motivated by the motto "Truth is Beauty" the cadets of this house start their journey of daily activities. This motto teaches them not to compromise with truth and inspires them to uphold truth above everything. Symbolically cadets of this house know no defeat like a tiger. They have the conviction that nothing is impossible in life.

Qasim House

House Name   : Qasim House

House Master : Mir Md Nurul Islam, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics

Colour            : Blue

Motto              : Work is Strength

Symbol           : Lion

Qasim House is one of the three houses of the Rajshahi Cadet College. It is named after Muhammad bin Qasim, an Arab commander of the Umayyad Caliphate general who conquered Indian Sub-Continent. His unprecedented art of deploymet of troops, farsight, outstanding brilliance, devotion and indomitable spirit are the ideals of the cadets of this house. Their promise is to acquire and practise these ideals. Inspired by the motto "Work is Strength" cadets of this house practise diligence and hardwork. They have learnt to believe that world could be at their hand through work. Symbolically cadets of this house are upholders of srength and command.

Khalid House

House Name  :  Khalid House

House Master : A T M Moazzem Hossain, Associate Professor, Department of Bangla

Colour            :  Green

Motto              : Knowledge is Power  

Symbol           : Eagle

Khalid House is one of the three houses of Rajshahi Cadet College. It is named after Khalid bin Walid, an Arab Muslim commander in the service of the Islamic prophet Muhammad (SM) and the caliph Abu Bakr (R). The cadets of this house are highly inspired by the stimulating zest and incredible bravery of this great leader. Alongside, the cadets of this house are greatly encouraged by the leadership skills and indomitable morale of this great muslim General. Motivated by the motto  "Knowledge is Power", cadets of this house have learnt to believe that only knowledge can empower the humans. This motto teaches them to devote themselves to knowledge through thick and thin. Symbolically cadets of this house know no defeat, no weakness and no meanness. They are taught to keep their heads high like an eagle.

P T And Parade Ground

As the Cadet Colleges provide the cadets with semi-military  training,  PT & Parade Ground plays an important role in this respec. Rajshahi Cadet College   has a wide spacious PT & Parade Ground measuring around 150✕75 sm. Cadets go for Physical Training on three days i.e. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Alongside,  they practise Drill on two days i.e. Saturday and Wednesday. This practice prepares them for any Parade with full fledge. Inter-House PT & Principal's Parade Inspection is held on the first Saturday of the months. Moreover, in any special event Principal or the concerned Chief Guest inspects Parade of the cadets. Parade Ground is used as Basketball Ground. Cadets go for playing Basketball in Games Hour.  

Play Ground

The Play Ground of Rajshahi Cadet College is huge and gigantic. It includes three Football Grounds, two Cricket Grounds, one PT and Parade Ground, one Golf Ground and one Hockey Ground. In the Games Hour, cadets disperse throughout the ground and start playing as their choice and skill. Moreover, Inter House Yearly Competitions of different games are held here besides Athletics. One specific section of employees works under Ground Supervisor (GS) to manage the ground and to mend it from time to time. It is mentionable that just behind the College Canteen there are one Tennis Court and one Squash Court as well.

Athletics Ground

Rajshahi Cadet College possesses a well prepared Athletics Ground. Athletics is a group of sporting events that involve competitive running, jumping, throwing and so on. Every year, specially at the end of the years, Cadet Colleges hold Inter-House Athletic Competition. Around 45 events, i.e. track events and field events, are arranged for three-day program. Rajshahi Cadet College is no exception in this respect. Cadets of all houses participate in these events competitively. Thus they develop competitive mood, sympathy, compassion and fellow feelings. For these competitions they go through much more practices. Thus, they get the chance to keep their body fit and healthy.